Friday, June 18, 2010

#E518 Crystal like Mickey Head sticker
Tear off the yellow paper & stick it anywhere (:
Selling @ $2.50 each mailed

#E517 Shimmering Eye Doraemon (Blue & Pink) with strap
Approx 8cm
Selling a pair @ $15 mailed

#E515 Doraemon With sucsion n stuts
There is the same stut at the bottom.
Selling @ $2.50 each mailed

#E512 Pink straps Love Bunny Plush
Approx 35cm
Selling @ $32
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 28 each

#E406 Strawberry series sitting stitch & Scrump
Approx 32cm
Scrump @ $32
(STITCH SOLD OUT, left 2 scrump)
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 28 each

#E505 Brown Rilakkuma Holding Ice Cream
Approx 35cm
Selling @ $39.90
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 35 each

#E497 Purple, Orange & Red Elmo (Medium Sized)

Approx 16cm
Selling @ $15 each mailed
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 13 each mailed

#E494 Hawaii Style Dale Approx 25cm
Selling @ $32
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 28 each

#E500 Furry Ball Cookie Monster headApprox 30cm
Selling @ $32
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 27 each

#E498 Ino D100 Disney Tigger Hand Phone
Operating Frequency: GSM900/1800MHz
Dimensions (mm): 46.2*92.1*11.9mm
Storage Capability: 128+32Mb NorFlash
Screen Size: 2.0” QCIF/6.5k


Disney-themed cartoon phon
Password-control student mode
Call/SMS firewall
Minute minder
Supports MP3/MP4/FM/Bluetooth
Super low radiation antenna
AGIS NAVFZone integration
Safety polymer battery
AGIS NAVFZone Integrated
As parents, we understand how important it is to know where your loved ones are. AGIS NAVFone allows parents to find their children or loved ones through web-based map application. And all it takes for the child is to have a compatible mobile device which can be installed with AGIS monitoring software. The child's phone can automatically reply its position to the web application on a demand basis or at intervals; without allowing the kid to intervene.

Selling @ $120 each
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 88 each

Brand New, Not used before, Open to take photo
Phone comes with a battery, Charger Plug, Cable cum Charger wire, Ear Piece

#E491 Noconoco Baby Pooh & Tigger Series 1
BOTH Available
2 Pooh & 1 Tigger Available (TIGGER SOLD, Left 2 pooh)
Approx 30cm (1st series)
Selling @ $32 each
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 28 each

#E487 Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Hotcake (Moving)

LEFT BROWN Rilakkuma, White Korilakkuma SOLD
Battery Operated, goes up and down
Selling @ $32
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 28 each

#E486 Dragon Ball ligher (Zippo Oil)

Dragon Ball Lighter (Use ZippoOil)

*Have to add in Zippo oil yourself*
Selling @ $28 mailed
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 22 mailed

#E483 Hello Kitty Bolster Approx 70cm
Selling @ $39.90 each

CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 28 each

#E509 Xmas winking eye angel
Approx 15cm
Selling @ $8

#E480 Hello Kitty charmsSelling @ $2 each
1 purple, 7 blue available
(1 Blue SOLD)

Friday, June 4, 2010

#E477 Shiny Colourful Doraemon Approx 10cm
(x1Purple & x2Green Sold, Left with 1 Orange, 1 Yellow & 1 Pink)
Selling @ $13 each only!
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 11 each mailed

#E449 Stitch Light up Pen

Selling @ $8

#E474 Rabbit Hello Kitty Sling Pouch
Approx 15cm
Does not come with tag
It is a pouch! Super cute!!
Selling @ $16 each
CLEARANCE SALE @ $ 14 each, $27 a pair mailed