Saturday, February 20, 2010

#E333 Crying Pooh, Tigger & Piglet PlushAll of them got bitten by Bees!!
*The Picture look small But the Plush is not Small!
Approx 32cm
Selling @ $32 each
(Pooh & Piglet SOLD, Left with Tigger)

#E329 Huge Chip & Dale Holding Heart plush (RED SOLD)
Approx 40cm
Selling @ $36 each

#E328 BIG Brown The Dog Plush
Approx 50cm long
Its a very very rare item!! & Its quite big!
Selling @ $ 39.90 each

#E327 Light Pinkish White Doraemon PlushApprox 15cm
Selling @ $15

#E323 Transformers Lighter (Zippo Oil)
Very very cool! *Does not come with any tag*
Transformers Fan not to be missed!!
Approx 12cm
Selling @ $28 mailed

#E322 Evangelion Lighter (Zippo Oil)

Very veryNice! *Does not come with any tag*
Approx 12cm
Selling @ $28 mailed

#E297 Mickey Holding Monster & Princess Minnie

Approx 30cm
Selling @ $48 a pair

Friday, February 19, 2010

#E264 Pooh & Piglet in Tigger Shirt
Approx 30-35cm
*Actual Plush is nicer than this*
Selling @ $ 30 each, $55 a pair

Thursday, February 18, 2010

#E287- #E292

#E291 Stitch & Scrump KeyChain From HK Disney land!
Selling @ $12

#E289 Yoshi Figurine
Approx 10-15cm
*You can turn the head*
Selling @ $9.90

#E290 Big Strawberry Rilakkuma with Handbag
Approx 40-45cm
*This Rilakkuma zip can be opened!*
Selling @ $38

#E288 Brown Doraemon
Approx 30cm
*Colour is very antique* *No Tag when gotten)
Available: 3 (SOLD 2, Left 1)
Selling @ $30 each

Monday, February 15, 2010

#E257 Rilakkuma in Tiger Costume Key ChainApprox 9cm
Selling @ $9 mailed

#E320 Rilakkuma Coin Pouch
Round - with zip at the side $6.50
Square - w/o zip $6
*Does not come with tag*
Selling Both @ $ 10 mailed

#E318 Suzy Zoo Chick Pouch
A small zip at the back to put ur coins ^^
Selling @ $8
*Does not come with tag*

#E317 Rilakkuma Chick with Strap Selling @ $8
*does not come with tag*

#E316 Tigger with movable hands & legs with Strap Approx 9cm
Selling @ $8

#E315 Rilakkuma in Xmas Cap with StrapApprox 7cm
Selling @ $6
*does not come with tag*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

#E306 Octopus charms

#E306 SUPER Cute Octopus HP Charms!
Selling @ at $12 a pair
Quote: *Pink&Blue* *White&Black* *White&Yellow*
*I bought them from Australia*
*Comes in boxes like the one in first picture*
2 sets available(2B&W & 1 P&B pair Sold) LEFT W&Y!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

#E307 Super cute & Furry stitch!
Approx 35cm
Selling @ $35 each

#E305 Mickey Furry Key Chain
Approx 10cm
Selling @ $10 mailed

#E304 Marshmellow Minnie & Hug me Mickey Approx 30cm
Selling Mickey @ $30 each