Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colour stitch

Many are not sold @ Other Blogs!!

#E116 Limited Edition COLOURFUL Stitch SET!

Orangy Yellow
Approx 45cm each!
Selling @ $39.90 each
The material is super smooth and super soft!
Very very huggable!
(Purple, Pink, Green & Blue SOLD)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

#E111 Little Miss Sunshine Cushion!
It is Approx 40cm
Selling @ $24
Can be use as a Back Cushion or pillow:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

#E69 Stitch with ice cream

#E69 Stich and Scrumo with ice cream
Available: 1 Stitch and 2 scrump
Approx 20-28cm
Selling stitch @ $24 only!; Scrump at $ 28 each!
Selling SET @ $48 only!
(Retail selling $29.90 each)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stitch, Angel, Scrump, Elmo, Monster Inc,

#E90 Pastel Stitch Set (:
Approx 30-35 cm
Selling Angel & Stitch Pair @ $54
Scrump SOLD

#E87 Pirate Stitch & Angel (OFFER)Approx 30cm
2 stitch & 1 Angel Available
Selling @ $20 each
(Others Selling $30each)

#E86 Scrump With Headset & Stitch PouchApprox 32cm (Feet to Hair)
Selling @ $26 each
Available: 1 LAST ONE LEFT!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Postpet Bear

#E92 Postpet Bear with Camera Approx 40cm
(It is wrapped up in the original plastic bag)
Selling @ $29.90
Its carring a camera!

Monday, September 21, 2009

#E101- #E107

#E107 Hello Kitty Soft Pillow
(Front)(Back) (The white is whiter than the picture)
Approx the size of your pillow(:
52cm x 35cm
Selling @ 38
1 Only! Its super unique and Its Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary!
I have not seen anyone selling it yet..

#E106 Small Pooh Bolster
Approx 50cm long (Leg to nose) (Body is 41cm long)
Selling @ $36 only!
It's super cute and the fur is very nice!

#E105 Hello Kitty in Sailor Costume Approx 30cm
Selling @ $28 only!

#E104 Strawberry korilakkuma Super cute! Strawberry for you?
Approx 38cm
Selling @: $34

#E103 Piyo Piyo with strap

The Bigger sized one have wings(:
This Is the only small one with clover
Available: 4small normal one
2 Big ones
1 small one with clover
Big: Approx 4.5cm (ALL SOLD)
Small: Approx 3.5cm = $4 each mailed

#E102 Tigger Hooked-keychain Selling @ $6 Mailed
Approx 7cm

#E101 MonoKuRo Boo (WHITE) with Strap Approx 7x7cm
Selling @ $6 mailed

Friday, September 18, 2009

#E98 Chopper Key Chain
Approx 11.5cm
(No Tag)
Selling @ $9

#E96 Tenorikuma KeychainApprox 7 cm
(No tag)
Selling @ $4.50

#E95 PineApple Hello Kitty

Approx 15 cm
Selling @ $10

#E94 Strawberry Dumpling With HP stripe
Approx 5.5cm
Selling @ $5

Monday, September 7, 2009

#E80 - #E83

#E82 korilakkuma plush (Prices reduced!)
Approx 40cm
(To be very frank, i used $100++ for this)
Selling @ $39.90 only

#E81 Elmo Small plush
(There is a hook there, u can put Hp stipe)
(No tag when gotten; only Label)
Approx 10.5cm
Availability: 3 2 LEFT!
Selling @ $8 each

Sunday, September 6, 2009

#E75- #E79

#77 Gloomy Bear With Strap
Selling @ $12
Approx 10cm

Thursday, September 3, 2009

#E73, #E72, #E71, #E59, #E72, #E70, #E56

#E72 Forever friend bear in Jumper (Prices Reduced!)
Approx 40cm
Selling @ $58 only!
It's Unique, can't find it anywhere!!
It has a "forever friend" On the Jumper
(Caught from acarde, not sure if it is authentic)
Tell your friends that You will be friends forever!!

#E59 CHICK CHICK (Updated*) (Prices reduced!)
Selling @ $12 each
Approx 12 x 20cm

#E70 Stitch Hand Key Chain
Approx 9cm
Selling @ $8 each
(1SOLD, 1 Left)

#E56 Doremon Plush (updated*)
Slanted Head Doremon:
(1 set of Straight head Pair Open eyes -SOLD)
(1 Straight head close eye - SOLD)
Approx 15cm
Selling Slanted Head Doraemon Pair @ $14