Saturday, October 31, 2009

#E119 Wedding Mickey minnie

#E119 Mickey & Minnie Wedding Pair!!
Limited edition Mickey & Minnie Wedding couple! You cannot find this anywhere now!!
Available: 2sets* (1 set SOLD)
Approx 36 x 22cm
Selling @ $169.90 (Yi Lu Jiu Jiu = Long lasting)

Friday, October 30, 2009

#E148 - #E158

#E157 Shiny Pooh
The Material is kind of shiny
Approx 28cm
Selling @ $28

#E152 Stick Body Disney Characters

Approx 9cm
Selling $7 each

#E151 Halloween WALKING mickey & Minnie

3AAA batteries operated

Approx 21cm
Selling Couple @ $39.90 a pair only~
#E149 Big Sully Plush
Approx 45x30cm
Selling @ $ 34

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#E146 Stitch Open Mouth Plush Front View:Approx 30cm
Selling @ $26 only

#E148 Big Strawberry Rilakkuma Kiiroitori CHICKSuper big & Cute
Approx 40x50cm (TBA)
Selling @ $39.90
(IT IS RED, real red, the camera has something wrong. zzz)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leather Scrump

#E117 Blue & White PVC-like-Leather Scrump
1 30cm blue LEFT + 1 Baby WhiteLeft 1 white
Approx 30cm
You can hardly find this anymore!!
Selling BLUE at $29.90
Small & Big white scrump (SOLD)

Gloomy Bear, My Melody

#E145 HALLOWEEN Pink Gloomy Bear in
RED Plastic-like-PU LEATHER devil costume
Ny Original plastic is not taken out, to keep it in top condition.
Approx 32cm Height
Selling @ $ 39.90

#E144 Gloomy Bear Long Plush (PINK) Approx 54cm
Only PINK gloomy bear available
Selling @ $ 36.90
#E142 My Melody Head Big Plush Approx 35-45cm long
Both Melody PINK Available (RED SOLD)
Selling @ $ 34 each


#E142 Stitch with Green Tshirt (OFFER)
Selling @ $42
Still in Original Plastic, Good Condition!
Approx 52cm

Saturday, October 24, 2009

#E132- #E141

#E139 Gothic Hello Kitty Holding Heart Set Its super cute! So Gothic* Look at their glossy Shoe!
Describe the colour of their shirt & Boots to me(:
Approx 17cm
Available - 1 Set & 1 Red Shirt Red Boots (SOLD)
Selling @ $18 each
Selling Set of 4 @ $58

#E137 Chip & Dale Big Head Plush
This is super cute!
Super love this one!
Approx 35cm
Selling @ $32 Each

#E136 Hello Kitty Wedding Pair
Approx 20 cm
Selling @ $36 a pair

#E133 Blue Doggy Care Bear
Approx 30cm
Selling @ $18

#E138 China round dollApprox 32x40cm
Selling @ $ 22
"Da Bian Ai"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

#E123- #E126

#E125 Soft Tigger Plush
Approx 28cm standing, 22cm sitting
Selling @ $18

#E124 Furry RED Hello Kitty
Approx 27cm
Selling @ $22

#E126 Hello Kitty In London suit
Approx 37 and 30cm
Selling @ $28 each, $55 a pair

Friday, October 9, 2009

Furry Elmo, Scrumo in stitch tee

#E78 Baby Stitch and Scrump in TeeApprox 15cm
Selling Scrump @ $15
(1 Set Sold! 1 EXTRA SCRUMP LEFT!)

#E89 Furry Elmos
This Elmos Are super furry and nice!
Scarf, Cookie, Star(SOLD), Dolphin!
Approx 40cm
$32 each